Setting up regulator consumers with dev_name

The Linux kernel regulator API requires that each system sets up the connections between the various voltage and current regulators in the system and the devices they supply, known as consumers within the regulator API. This is done using the struct device for the consumer device as the key for consumer access. This works well […]

ASoC updates in 2.6.31

Linux 2.6.31 was released today. This was a fairly busy release for the ASoC subsystem, with updates including: DAPM supply widget, for automatically managing things like charge pumps and gateable clocks which may be used by more than one widget. Core support for setting up constraints for symmetric sample rates (for systems with a shared […]

Let’s hope people can make this work

The new PS3 firmware has an iPlayer client with fullscreen support. It’s not quite broadcast SD quality, never mind HD, but that’s a fairly straightforward problem to resolve and sitting using it last night I couldn’t help but think that this is exactly how TV should work. Full TV screen, on demand and a good […]

Chasing patches into Linux

One thing that often seems to cause problems for people who work over many different areas of the Linux kernel is the process of making sure that patches actually get reviewed and applied. Where the relevant subsystem is actively maintained it’s not a problem but that’s not always the case. Sometimes maintainers are busy or […]