PS3 and Wii Fit

Recently I bought a PS3, partly because there are a few games due out shortly that I’m rather looking forward to (mostly GTA and Civilization Revolutions) but mostly for the Blu-Ray DVD player and the Linux support. I’d been hoping to also use it as, for example, a MythTV front end. First impressions are that […]

Who’s in charge?

Apparently the use of the terms describing free software as organic or non-organic depending on the extent to which the piece of software concerned is controlled or driven by a single company wound a few people up, partly due to the strong value judgements that the terms tend to imply. The terms I found myself […]

Mobile internet access

Last weekend I was mostly relying on handheld devices while visiting the wilds of Stockport, trying to decide what Ii want to do when I move off Orange soon (terrible customer service and poor data plans). For this sort of use while travelling my main need is web access and mail reading with IM and […]

ARM Linux git tree

It’s surprisingly poorly advertised but there is an ARM Linux git tree available from and with currently accepted patches queued up in it. Very handy, especially for offline use.