SCons DESTDIR support

Michael, it’s not make that supports for DESTDIR – it’s the Makefiles that do it, usually as one of the many features picked up from automake. Half the problem SCons has with this is that there’s no similarly pervasive tool set to at least set standards (even people who don’t use automake often emulate the […]

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

It’s new year’s eve in Los Angeles; Wilson and Vivian have met as a result of a craigslist advert posted earlier in the day. He’s had a terrible year – his attempts to pursue his dreams started to go wrong before he even reached the city – and as we find out during the film […]

Spam backscatter

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started getting messages like this from the SourceForge: Your membership in the mailing list whatever has been disabled due to excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated 15-Sep-2007. It’s true – the systems that handle my mail do generate a number of SMTP time rejects […]

How many Debian users?

Some people at DebConf 7 were (like Mario) wondering how many users Debian has. They realised that while we have a distributed mirror network we do have all installed systems use by default and we do have control over that. Since apt will only download files when they have been changed we can make […]