I was going to say

I had been going to write something about the rather good Linux support in my new laptop. Turns out there’s no need. I have great timing sometimes.

iPod Touch as a music player

Like the iPhone the iPod Touch has a multi-touch user interface with everything done through dynamic controls on the screen that dominates the device, all dependent on the physical orientation of the device. This is interesting and it does work well when using the device is your main focus, like when watching videos. Where it […]

dpkg symbol versioning

About a month ago I added symbol version information to the zlib package, allowing dpkg-shlibdeps to calculate more relaxed dependencies for packages using the library. The results have been very satisfying so far – of the 1784 packages depending on zlib1g on amd64: 532 depend on zlib1g 1:, the version which introduced support for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 […]