The Wire

Recently I’ve been watching the first season of The Wire. I now see exactly why it comes so highly recommended – the best TV I’ve seen in years. The comparison with a novel is spot on, as much as Babylon 5 was but without any of the weak spots on the acting front. Arc plot […]

Standard Operating Procedure

One of the best films that I saw at the EIFF this year was Errol Morris’ documentary Standard Operating Procedure about Abu Ghraib. It takes his usual approach: a series of interviews with those involved with limited narration. Here the most prominent interviewees are Lynndie England and Sabrina Harmann, together others who were either directly […]

Release day churn

The 2.6.27 pull request for ALSA was something of a surprise to read – a large proportion of the changes in there are for ASoC. Not what I was expecting given how many ASoC changes there are still to be merged, but it’s nice to see, especially given the general problems with embedded users contributing […]