Widescreen is all in the mind

The reason I can get more on a 16:9 screen is that I tend to size windows with their heights proportional to screen height with and widths proportional to the vertical size of the window (I very rarely run anything full screen). This means that for me extra width gives more windows simultaneously – while […]


Erich blogged that most TV these days is still shot in 4:3 rather than 16:9. At least in the English speaking world this is normally the case, especially for things intended for export. 4:3 would be a deliberate choice rather than the path of least resistance. TV stations can choose to buy and screen 4:3 […]


I tend not to mind folding itself overmuch myself: personally, I don’t find it much different to linking to an article published elsewhere. What I do find causes me problems is where the content of feeds doesn’t stand by itself, making the text that appears in the aggregator difficult to parse. It takes me much […]