The dread Y2006 problem

Can anyone spot the problem with having the year the user wants to work with be input using a form like element this: <select name=”Year” size=1> in a calendaring application? I knew that the software in question was widely noted for its low quality at the time it was current but I’m still… impressed.

Tell No One

I saw Tell No One a week or so ago. It a very good film – a nice thriller, very well put together. I recommend it. That’s not the thing that makes me happiest about the film, though. The thing that makes me happiest is that two of the characters are gay and in a […]

Uses for an N800

I’ve found two major uses for my N800: Web browsing while watching TV. Seriously. Being able to check up on questionable facts or look up that actor you half recognized on the IMDB without moving or having something large enough to be noticeable sitting there really does make a difference. Less often it’s price checks […]