Let’s hope people can make this work

The new PS3 firmware has an iPlayer client with fullscreen support. It’s not quite broadcast SD quality, never mind HD, but that’s a fairly straightforward problem to resolve and sitting using it last night I couldn’t help but think that this is exactly how TV should work. Full TV screen, on demand and a good UI.

It’d be nice if it were free software (but again, not the most complex problem). More of an issue are the political and licensing issues that mean it’s BBC only for the forseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Let’s hope people can make this work

  1. There is a plugin for media centre which aggregates the various BBC/ITV/C5/five VoD services. When it works it is absolutely brilliant.

    Still find it ludicrous that OfCom nailed project kangaroo because it would have been anti competitive! All the UK broadcasters sharing on VoD system…. yes that would be _stupid_

  2. Hello,

    To be fair the commerical operators are tying to provide similar services, for instance Sky is *trying* to launch Sky Player on XBox LIVE.

    However agreed that Free software would be nice, it will come 🙂

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