GMail UI issues

I read a lot of e-mail, mostly for Linux related purposes. Normally people use well behaved e-mail clients and everything is presented in a fairly standard fashion but there’s some that often stick out like a sore thumb. The obvious one is Outlook, which has well known idiosyncracies but which some companies force their employees […]

Stuck on hold

Being stuck listening to hold music for an extended period is annoying. What’s even more annoying for me is when the IVR system regularly interrupts the hold music with a voice announcement, often telling you something enormously useful like pointing out that you’re on hold. Music I find easy to zone out without paying too […]

ASoC changes in 2.6.30

Linux 2.6.30 was released today. This has been a fairly quiet release from the ASoC point of view with no substantial API changes for drivers but there’s a few new interfaces which people may find helpful. Highlights include: A simple wrapper for the standard ALSA jack detection interface. This helps makes jacks a bit easier […]

DAPM power sequence optimisation

I recently implemented some enhancements to DAPM, the part of ASoC which minimizes the power consumption of the embedded audio subsystem by keeping any unused components powered off while avoiding audible artifacts as the power changes. Prior to these changes DAPM used to change the power for each component with an individual register write which […]