Security here we come

The IMAP client provided with the version of Symbian on my phone has an interesting way of verifying certificates used for encrypting IMAP connections. As one would expect the client verifies the signatures on the certificate offered by the IMAP server and will prompt the user if it sees signatures that it can’t trace back […]

I think this is what you meant

Clearly most of the people working to extend the lifetimes of copyrights and other licenses just aren’t ambitious enough. I wonder if the relevant lobbyists are going to argue for compliance with the Egyptian law once it comes into effect.

N800 OS2008

Last week I upgraded my N800 to OS2008. This is the most visible update yet – thereĊ› a completely different colour scheme and all the menus have been redone to always be at finger rather than stylus size. The latter is very useful, king it much easier to use the device without the stylus, As […]