Lightweight branches

Eddy, I think you’re getting too wrapped up in implementation details here. What all these revision control systems are doing is providing branches which are by some reasonable metric cheap to create and cheap to work with – the way they do it differs but to the user visible result is the similar if unremarkable. […]

hope: unknown command

Due to the cheap way in which I generate cookies for e-mail messages every so often mutt ends up trying to interpret the second line of two line cookies as commands. From time to time this is what greets me when I fire it up: $ mutt Error in /home/broonie/.muttrc, line 261: hope: unknown command […]

It’s just not Kansas

One of the biggest “we’re not in Kansas any more” monents I’ve had with Rails was during a discussion of a conference that a lot of people had been to recently. While we were talking about how the important part of conferences is normally nothing to do with the official schedule I mentioned a story […]

Going, going, gone

Since my bike was stolen last Sunday (which was annoying, especially since it was taken from the stairs just outside my flat) I was without a bike until Wednesday night. This somehow managed to coincide with a couple of early meetings so rather than trust the buses I ended up walking into work like I […]