What’s the standard Linux audio API?

Lennart Pottering’s post about the sound APIs available for Linux appears to have caused some consternation from people working with the modern out of tree OSS drivers who feel that the current, out of tree, OSS drivers are being unfairly maligned. This rather misses the point of his post. The fact that there are improved […]

When was that, then?

More than once I’ve found myself figuring out when I did something by looking through the changelogs of the free software I was contributing to at the time. It’s rarely any good for specific dates but it works amusingly well to an approximation. And is, of course, a perfectly normal way to do this.

EIFF 2008

It’s been so long since the film festival that I keep on forgetting half the good films I saw there when talking to people about it, so for the record here’s a brief list of my personal highlights: Encounters at the End of the World: Werner Hertzog goes to Antarctica, making a film more about […]

Steve Erikson’s Malazan books

I used to read a moderate amount of fantasy but apart from this series I’ve mostly drifted away from it, mainly due to an over-familiarity with genre standards and the fact that these are exacerbated by one of the standards being to present everything in the form of lengthy, multi-novel serieses. Worse, the individual novels […]

The Linux kernel needs a case sensitive filesystem

The Linux kernel source relies on a case sensitive filesystem. If you attempt to get the sources via git this will manifest as an error along the lines of: fatal: Entry ‘include/linux/netfilter/xt_CONNMARK.h There are several header files like this the names of which differ only in case and just can’t be represented on a filesystem […]