github pricing

I see that github have recently announced their pricing plans. Looks like they’ll not be having many kernel developers using their “open source” plan – my current working Linux .git is 261Mb but you start having to pay at 100Mb. git may be very space efficient but the kernel is an enormous project. Mind you, […]

My Blueberry Nights

I saw Wong Kar Wai’s new film My Blueberry Nights a week or two back. It has had fairly poor reviews, mostly criticising the film for being insubstantial but pretty. This is fair comment but the reviews seem much harsher than is deserved – the film really is gorgeous and it never felt like it […]


Due to the dreadful customer service I’ve had from Orange I’m looking for a new mobile contract and therefore a new phone. This is proving a lot harder than it ever has in the past. My must have feature list should be fairly straightforward: Hands free phone calls (either wired or Bluetooth). Reasonable text entry. […]