Sunday afternoons

I do most of my reading in the atumn and winter. In the afternoon when the day is still I sit on my sofa, listen to music and read. On those days the light is grey and soft, casting shadows not much darker than the light itself – if you hold the page flat you […]

Apple Mail and format=flowed

There’s one thing that the Apple Mail client gets right which I’ve never seen anything else try to do – the way it formats messages. Most mail clients seem to offer plain text and HTML as user selectable options and do exactly what they’re told regardless of the content of the message. If HTML is […]

Touching like spacemen

Rhonda, have you reported the SCons problems you’ve found to either the Debian mantainer or upstream? That’s much more likely to be an effective way of improving things than blogging about them. For what it’s worth the .scons files are a bug in the SCons core AFAICT (it needs a distclean equivalent that doesn’t appear […]

Paradoxical Undressing

Paradoxical Undressing is a mostly spoken word show by Throwing Muses/50 Foot Wave front woman Kristin Hersh. A series of ten minute autobiographical fragments covering the time up until about the first Throwing Muses album read over guitar riffs, interspersed with excerpts from songs (mostly hers but a couple of covers). The texts have much […]

Wii cleaning

My Wii had been feeling a little toasty (even when it had only been sitting in standby) and had had a few glitches recently. A quick blast with the vacuum cleaner and it’s now running a lot cooler in spite of no visible effect when doing so.

Giving can be hard

One thing that charities often seem to like to do is give you discounts on things they sell or events they run. This is a nice way of saying thank you but if you’re trying to give them money it’s not always something you want to take advantage of. Sometimes it’s surprisingly difficult to convince […]

Paging Doctor Grumpy

Please, folks, when emailing the same question to multiple people or places send a single email with multiple recipients. Don’t send separate mails to each destination – at best you’ll waste people’s time, at worst you’ll irritate them. There are a few exceptions, mostly to do with confidentiality, but they really are pretty rare – […]