PS3 and Wii Fit

Recently I bought a PS3, partly because there are a few games due out shortly that I’m rather looking forward to (mostly GTA and Civilization Revolutions) but mostly for the Blu-Ray DVD player and the Linux support. I’d been hoping to also use it as, for example, a MythTV front end. First impressions are that the gaming side of things is fairly nice, as is the UI for DVD playback. The down side is that I’ve not been able to convince the system to run quiet or fully muffle the fans. When my fridge and central heating aren’t running there is no noise at all in my living room. It’s quite usable but it’s not ideal for quiet things – I’ll have to experiment a bit with placing of the system to see if I can improve matters.

On a brighter note, Wii Fit (which I got yesterday) is a lot of fun – the balance board works surprisingly well. I’d not been sure how well it would work in practice but it’s effective, especially for tracking stretching and balance style exercises. Some of the activities would probably work quite well in as the standard Nintendo party style games, though that’s not really what it’s good at.

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