ASoC updates in 2.6.39

Linux 2.6.39 was released earlier today. This release includes a few updates, the main user visible one being that machine drivers can now be registered as regular devices rather than using the soc-audio device. Support for registering machine drivers as first class devices rather than using the soc-audio device. Support for the soc-audio device will […]

ASoC updates in 2.6.38

Linux 2.6.38 was just released, with another big update to ASoC including: Enhancements to multi-component from Jarkko Nikula allowing multiple devices of the same type to be included in one system (and handling other overlaps between devices) and support cross device DAPM. Support from Dimitris Papastamos for compressing the register cache in memory using either […]

Tracing ASoC with trace events

Kernel 2.6.38 will add support for tracing ASoC using trace points.┬áPreviously all logging for ASoC had been done using printk(), meaning that changing the active logging required a kernel rebuild and that when trace was enabled the volume of trace could easily become very disruptive to other logging within the system. Trace points solve these […]

In-kernel audio mixing

Ever since PulseAudio started to be deployed by distributions the most common complaint I’ve seen about ALSA is that unlike current versions of OSS it doesn’t provide mixing of audio from multiple applications inside the kernel. Of course what it really comes down to is that people want the system to transparently allow multiple applications […]

If we build it they will come

It looks like the jack reporting API for ALSA which just got merged into the mainline kernel for inclusion in 2.6.28 already has its first user – code from Matthew Ranostay supporting the jack detection in Sigmatel HDA codecs was just queued for merge in the next merge window. Admittedly, the jack reporting API has […]

What’s the standard Linux audio API?

Lennart Pottering’s post about the sound APIs available for Linux appears to have caused some consternation from people working with the modern out of tree OSS drivers who feel that the current, out of tree, OSS drivers are being unfairly maligned. This rather misses the point of his post. The fact that there are improved […]