ASoC updates in 3.3

Linux 3.3 was released earlier this week. Aside from a few regmap related updates it was an extremely quiet release for the ASoC framework, the next few releases look like they will be much more active:

  • Conversion of a number of CODEC drivers to use regmap directly. This is especially beneficial for drivers for devices which are part of MFDs as they can use a central cache for all operations and means that the process of factoring out the more complex register management code in ASoC can begin.
  • As a result of the move of drivers to regmap the rbtree and LZO cache types have been removed, leaving only the the basic flat cache in ASoC. Drivers which need the more complex cache types should use regmap directly.
  • Lots of cleanups and fixes from Axel Lin.
  • New CODEC drivers for Cirrus CS42L73 and Realtek ALC5632.

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