Sunday afternoons

I do most of my reading in the atumn and winter. In the afternoon when the day is still I sit on my sofa, listen to music and read. On those days the light is grey and soft, casting shadows not much darker than the light itself – if you hold the page flat you can see the grain in the paper. During the summer there’s always some reason to do other things. In the winter there is so little natural light I feel I’m just making the most of what there is.

Today I’m doing that for the first time this year; summer is ending early.

2 thoughts on “Sunday afternoons

  1. I read in exactly the same way. In fact I’ve recently found myself devouring a book in a day now and again. I’m also getting to the point in the year where I come home from work and just feel like reading and relaxing.

    This is annoying, you having a separate blog. I’ve stopped paying LJ money, but I was using them as my RSS aggregator. Will have to set up a proper one now.

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