Going, going, gone

Since my bike was stolen last Sunday (which was annoying, especially since it was taken from the stairs just outside my flat) I was without a bike until Wednesday night. This somehow managed to coincide with a couple of early meetings so rather than trust the buses I ended up walking into work like I used to do when I worked down on Leith Links. It takes about an hour, which is only 20 minutes more than the bus should do. I ought to do this more often. It does take up a lot of time but I felt a lot better for doing it – it’s not just the exercise, it’s an opportunity to zone out and do something a bit more meditative for a while. Cycling does the exercise thing but it’s usually much more stressful due to the greater speeds and rather direct dangers.

The old bike was a bit beaten up. especially after the collision with a car door last year, so I had been thinking about replacing it anyway. This was a good idea – the new one is much more fun to ride. Much less effort and no sticky brake.

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