Wii cleaning

My Wii had been feeling a little toasty (even when it had only been sitting in standby) and had had a few glitches recently. A quick blast with the vacuum cleaner and it’s now running a lot cooler in spite of no visible effect when doing so.

Wii Fit a month on

As I wrote previously, my first impressions of Wii Fit were good. A month and a half on and I’m still using it – at this point I’m fairly happy to say that it’s not just novelty value that I’m getting from it. Of course, one way or another I do spend an awful lot […]

PS3 and Wii Fit

Recently I bought a PS3, partly because there are a few games due out shortly that I’m rather looking forward to (mostly GTA and Civilization Revolutions) but mostly for the Blu-Ray DVD player and the Linux support. I’d been hoping to also use it as, for example, a MythTV front end. First impressions are that […]