Making patches easy to review

One of the big things that seems to cause a learning curve for many new contributors for Linux and other projects that make a big effort with code review is the process of putting patches together in a way that makes the code review process more smoothly. This is a fairly straightforward thing but it […]

github pricing

I see that github have recently announced their pricing plans. Looks like they’ll not be having many kernel developers using their “open source” plan – my current working Linux .git is 261Mb but you start having to pay at 100Mb. git may be very space efficient but the kernel is an enormous project. Mind you, […]

Lightweight branches

Eddy, I think you’re getting too wrapped up in implementation details here. What all these revision control systems are doing is providing branches which are by some reasonable metric cheap to create and cheap to work with – the way they do it differs but to the user visible result is the similar if unremarkable. […]