Human factors

An issue which I always find depressing but sadly unsurprising in discussions of process with software is the frequent disregard for human elements; indeed often the goal people have in creating process is to try to control and eliminate human elements. Little thought is given to what is going to motivate people to do what’s […]

Changing core code

One of the biggest differences between working on most other OSs and working upstream on drivers for the Linux kernel is that elsewhere the core is usually a fixed thing that has been released and can’t really be changed, even if source is available (which may not even be the case). If whatever subsystem you’re […]

Network I/O

I’ve had the opportunity to use a bunch of different smartphone OSs for extended periods recently. They’ve all taken interestingly different tacks on some of the key stuff, normally all within the bounds of reasonable implementation decisions but with very different results and useful to different people. One of the most interesting decisions I’ve noticed […]

Stuck on hold

Being stuck listening to hold music for an extended period is annoying. What’s even more annoying for me is when the IVR system regularly interrupts the hold music with a voice announcement, often telling you something enormously useful like pointing out that you’re on hold. Music I find easy to zone out without paying too […]

iPod Touch as a music player

Like the iPhone the iPod Touch has a multi-touch user interface with everything done through dynamic controls on the screen that dominates the device, all dependent on the physical orientation of the device. This is interesting and it does work well when using the device is your main focus, like when watching videos. Where it […]