ASoC updates in 3.4

Linux version 3.4 has been released. This was a very active release for ASoC in framework terms, in addition to the usual bug fixes and so on there were a large number of framework enhancements though most are fairly small or are laying the groundwork for more user visible features like dynamic PCM.

  • Support for widgets not associated with a CODEC, an important part of the dynamic PCM framework.
  • A library factoring out the common code shared by dmaengine based DMA drivers contributed by Lars-Peter Clausen. This will save a lot of code and make it much easier to deploy enhancements to dmaengine.
  • Support for binary controls, used for providing runtime configuration of algorithm coefficients.
  • A new DAPM widget type for regulator supplies allowing drivers for devices that can power down unused supplies while active to do without any per-driver code.
  • DAPM widgets for DAIs, initially giving a speed boost for playback startup and shutdown and also the basis for CODEC<->CODEC DAI link support.
  • Support for specifying the number of significant bits on audio interfaces, useful for allowing applications to know how much effort to put into generating data for a larger sample format.
  • Support for a range of new TI reference boards including Panda, configured from platform data so new boards can be added without driver changes.
  • Conversion of the FSI driver used on some SH processors to DMAEngine.
  • New CODEC drivers for Maxim MAX9768 and Wolfson Microelectronics WM2200.

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