ASoC changes in 2.6.37

2.6.37, which was released today, has been a very big release for ASoC – about 40,000 lines of changes covering every single file within the subsystem plus a bunch of new drivers. The highlights are:

  • Overhaul of the core APIs for registration of all kinds of devices from my co-maintainer Liam Girdwood, reducing the level of direct coupling between machine drivers and their CODEC and CPU drivers allowing ASoC machines to have multiple CODEC devices and multiple instances of the same CODEC device within a system.
  • New CODEC drivers for  88PM860x CODEC, MAX98088/9, WL1273, WM8962, WM8804, and WM8985.
  • New CPU drivers for EP93xx AC’97 controllers, MPC85xx SSI ports, and SH HDMI controllers.
  • Machine support for Freescale P1022 DS, Marvell Tavor and Saarb and Simplemachines Sim.One

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