LPC 2010 – submit your papers now!

As Lennart just posted the Call for Papers for the 2010 Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC)closes this Monday (the 19th of July). The goal of LPC is to get people working on the various projects that make up the key Linux infrastructure where the kernel and application layers meet together so that everyone understands everyone else’s needs and all the components of the system can be made to work together as well as possible. This is the third year the conference has been run, with the previous two years having been very productive, and we hope that the event this year will be equally successful.

This year I’ll be joining Lennart Poettering in helping to organize the audio track, with my particular focus being on the needs of embedded systems. Embedded audio is currently undergoing a rapid evolution, especially for mobile phones, so there’s a lot of exciting work to be done to make sure that the software stack can readily meet the needs of practical applications. Things like the move from analogue to digital audio routing within devices and the increasingly rich audio feature sets provided by systems like smartphones are driving rapid development in this area that has an impact over the full software stack from device drivers up to the application layer.

If you are involved with implementing or deploying the Linux audio infrastructure please join us there to discuss the work that needs doing and help improve the Linux audio experience even further, and please also submit a proposal.

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