ASoC updates in 2.6.34

Linux 2.6.34 was released today. This contains a fairly substantial batch of ASoC updates, including:

  • Support for turning CODEC biases off completely when idle, providing power savings for modern devices with ground referenced outputs where this can be done quickly at runtime without pops and clicks.
  • Support for disabling physical writes to the device in the generic cache control code, allowing devices to be completely powered off when idle while still providing their control to userspace through the standard register interfaces.
  • Support for tuning the time ASoC waits before powering things down after playback has finished (in order to involve issues between tracks or similar) at runtime or from the machine driver.
  • New drivers for DA7210, DB1200 I2S and AC97 controllers, i.MX3x SSI ports, OMAP4 McPDM ports, S3C64xx AC97 controller, SH SIU (Sound Interface Unit), WM2000, WM8904, WM8912, WM8955, WM8978, and WM8994

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