ASoC changes in 2.6.30

Linux 2.6.30 was released today. This has been a fairly quiet release from the ASoC point of view with no substantial API changes for drivers but there’s a few new interfaces which people may find helpful. Highlights include:

  • A simple wrapper for the standard ALSA jack detection interface. This helps makes jacks a bit easier to use in a multi-component system, providing a framework for using multiple jack detection methods on a single jack (eg, for both headphone and microphone) and automatic integration with DAPM, allowing output paths to be powered up only when a jack is present. See sound/soc/soc-jack.c.
  • A new SND_SOC_DAPM_PIN_SWITCH helper for machines exposing control of DAPM pins to user applications.
  • More conversion of ASoC CODEC drivers to use the new device model integrated driver registration methods.
  • TI DaVinci support now works in mainline, no out of tree patches are required for the DMA code.

plus a selection of new drivers and enhancements to existing drivers..

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