Uses for an N800

I’ve found two major uses for my N800:

  • Web browsing while watching TV. Seriously. Being able to check up on questionable facts or look up that actor you half recognized on the IMDB without moving or having something large enough to be noticeable sitting there really does make a difference. Less often it’s price checks in shops.
  • Sometimes a laptop is just too big to carry around. There are a lot of times when I’m going out for the day and carrying a laptop would mean having to carry a bag of some kind. The N800 I can just shove in my pocket – much nicer if I’m going to be spending all day on my feet.

Really, they’re both just variations on the theme of “It’s tiny but has a screen big enough to render most web pages sensibly and do other internet access too” but it did surprise me just how useful this turned out to be once I started using the N770.

This reminds me, I meant to have a look at the Pentabarf code and see if I could make it play sensibly with devices like the Nokias. I’d have loved that during Debconf, especially when I was running around making sure speakers showed up.

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