One step forward…

It depresses me to see people thinking that the way to get changes affecting many packages done in Debian might be via general resolution or that a number of people seem to feel that getting something accepted into policy is a first step in getting anything big done. Debian may be big and prone to arguments but it’s a shame to see people in Debian who think we’re that dependent on process to get things done.

This makes me all the more happy to see something like the Smith review project ticking away. It’s all being done on the basis of “Hey, this seems like a good idea – anyone object or want to help?” and by the time it’s done it will have touched every package in Debian which is getting on for as ambitious as it’s possible to be. So far it seems to be getting positive responses from maintainers – I’m sure there will be problems somewhere along the line but I’d be surprised if they were anything other than a tiny minority.

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