Maintaining your email

One of the difficulties of being a kernel maintainer for a busy subsystem is that you will often end up getting a lot of mail that requires reading and handling which in turn requires sending a lot of mail out in reply. Some of that requires thought and careful consideration but a lot of it […]

Full quoting

There’s a long standing idea tha one should make an effort to trim out text from the original which is not germane to the new content in your reply. This is not just a bandwidth thing, it’s also about decreasing the effort required for the readers to parse the message – to locate the new […]

GMail UI issues

I read a lot of e-mail, mostly for Linux related purposes. Normally people use well behaved e-mail clients and everything is presented in a fairly standard fashion but there’s some that often stick out like a sore thumb. The obvious one is Outlook, which has well known idiosyncracies but which some companies force their employees […]

Buffer overflows ahoy

I may be wrong on this but it looks like Microsoft SMTP clients (at least Windows Mail and Outlook) don’t like being sent a large volume of SSL certificate information when opening a TLS connection. They appear to assume that the data they are being sent is malformed and assume that STARTTLS failed, continuing with […]

Upgrading crm114

When upgrading from older crm114 releases and trying to retain your existing configuration it is important to check that all the configuration options that the new version expects to be set have been set. While some will cause errors if they’re omitted others will appear to work but will cause unwanted behaviour at runtime. For […]

Apple Mail and format=flowed

There’s one thing that the Apple Mail client gets right which I’ve never seen anything else try to do – the way it formats messages. Most mail clients seem to offer plain text and HTML as user selectable options and do exactly what they’re told regardless of the content of the message. If HTML is […]

Paging Doctor Grumpy

Please, folks, when emailing the same question to multiple people or places send a single email with multiple recipients. Don’t send separate mails to each destination – at best you’ll waste people’s time, at worst you’ll irritate them. There are a few exceptions, mostly to do with confidentiality, but they really are pretty rare – […]

Security here we come

The IMAP client provided with the version of Symbian on my phone has an interesting way of verifying certificates used for encrypting IMAP connections. As one would expect the client verifies the signatures on the certificate offered by the IMAP server and will prompt the user if it sees signatures that it can’t trace back […]

Spam backscatter

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started getting messages like this from the SourceForge: Your membership in the mailing list whatever has been disabled due to excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated 15-Sep-2007. It’s true – the systems that handle my mail do generate a number of SMTP time rejects […]

In plain sight

Even worse than the usual multipart/alternative messages with a contentless text/plain part are messages like that when there quite clearly is a text/plain version of the message (for example, as another option when you sign up for a list) but it’s not been included and this unhelpful “error” has been included. This annoys me: my […]