Bugs is bugs is bugs

Ingo, I fear that you are overstating the situation m68k is now in. Non release critical bugs do tend to get fixed – if they didn’t there would scarcely be any point in having them in the BTS at all. My guess would be that any difference will be felt mainly when it comes to […]

Debconf 07

Lars, it’s probably worth pointing out that most of the people who are promoting a Debconf in Edinburgh are actually from various places in England. Some of them do appear to be listed on the Volunteers wanted page (and many of the remaining slots look like they mostly need attendees).

Upgrading sarge to unstable

When using sarge install media to bootstrap an i386 you want to wind up running unstable it’s worth remembering to install with linux26 rather than the default 2.4 kernel. None of the initrd construction methods appear to cope terribly well when generating a ramdisk for 2.6.14 on a system running 2.4 (to be fair, most […]


I’m just building a new upload of TenDRA. It’s been almost three years since the last upload was made – in that time the number of current bugs has more than doubled. I wonder if this trend will continue? Of course, this leads me to discover that it doesn’t actually build any more, but hey…

Debconf keysigning

Thanks to Daniel Silverstone’s keysigning scripts I’ve finally completed the keysigning from Debconf 5. Highly recommended for bulk keysignings and for keeping your signatures up to date with new UIDs on keys you’ve already signed. (Although if you are going to use the script you might want to edit signuid to remove the –throw-keyid option).