The Corner

I recently finished David Simon and Ed Burns’ book The Corner, a piece of extended reporting about life around a Baltimore drug corner. There’s one thing about the way they write it which really gets me: every so often they’ll have a section explaining the absurdity of the situation they’ve been talking about, how futile […]

Standard Operating Procedure

One of the best films that I saw at the EIFF this year was Errol Morris’ documentary Standard Operating Procedure about Abu Ghraib. It takes his usual approach: a series of interviews with those involved with limited narration. Here the most prominent interviewees are Lynndie England and Sabrina Harmann, together others who were either directly […]

Seeing what’s in front of you

One of the things I keep noticing in Q&A sessions for documentary films is that some people seem to have a hard time relating to the people they see on screen as being actual people. Today I watched The Order of Myths at the EIFF. The film is a documentary about the Mardi Gras celebrations […]

I think this is what you meant

Clearly most of the people working to extend the lifetimes of copyrights and other licenses just aren’t ambitious enough. I wonder if the relevant lobbyists are going to argue for compliance with the Egyptian law once it comes into effect.

Tell No One

I saw Tell No One a week or so ago. It a very good film – a nice thriller, very well put together. I recommend it. That’s not the thing that makes me happiest about the film, though. The thing that makes me happiest is that two of the characters are gay and in a […]

The law is…

Sadly, the attempts to control distribution of those numbers aren’t being done using copyright but are instead being done using the DMCA. Exactly what that law was intended for. Update: Just to emphasise, if you want to complain about something then the first place to start is with the laws. Get in touch with the […]