regulator updates in 3.4

This has been a fairly quiet release from a regulator point of view, the only real framework features added were devm support and a convenience helper for setting up fixed voltage regulators. Much more coming next time, though! The most noticeable thing in the changelog is that Axel Lin continued his relentless and generally awesome stream of fixes and cleanups.

  • Managed (devm) versions of regulator_get() and regulator_bulk_get() simplifying error handling and resource management for drivers.
  • Added a convenience interface for setting up fixed voltage regulators.
  • Device tree support for TWL4030.
  • New drivers for Freescale i.MX Anatop, Samsung S5M8767, TI TPS62360 and TPS65271 regulators.
  • Removed BQ24022 in favour of the more generic gpio-regulator driver.

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