ASoC updates in 2.6.32

Linux 2.6.32 was released overnight. This has been a fairly busy release for ASoC, with changes including:

  • Redone power sequencing code, giving shorter power sequences which
    should reduce the effect of any artifacts that exist.
  • Reporting of power management decisions via debugfs, enabling much
    easier diagnosis of path setup problems.
  • Beginning of work to factor out the register access and caching code
    from the individual CODEC drivers into a shared file.  This needs to
    be rolled out over more CODEC drivers.
  • New CODEC drivers for AD1836, AK4642, MAX9877, WM8523, WM8776, WM8961, WM8974 and WM8993
  • New CPU support for multi-channel Blackfin SPORT, DaVinci McASP, i.MX2x SSI, and OMAP 1510 McBSP.

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