Ecartis SMTP client

As Steve found Ecartis isn’t terribly informative about problems it encounters injecting mail via SMTP:

2006-08-14 21:40:25 1GCk6m-0006ZH-Vu == |/usr/lib/ecartis/ecartis -s xen-tools-commits R=vdom_aliases T=address_pipe defer (0): Child process of address_pipe transport returned 75 (could mean temporary error)
from command: /usr/lib/ecartis/ecartis

with nothing in the Ecartis log by default. Along with a general failure to talk SMTP like Steve found you should also watch out for address checks tripping up on some of the addresses in the list – recipient verification callouts were what bit me. Ecartis will be a lot happier if it can just pump mail into an unquestioning server and have any problems reported via injection of bounce messages.

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